What We Do

World Art N Soul...
  • Produces high quality limited giclee prints* limited to 1000
  • Original unique art sourced from recognised and emerging artists in third world and developing countries - reprinted under agreed Copyright
  • 20% from every print sale goes to the individual charity linked to each artist and their country
  • 5% from every print sale goes back to the artist
  • a Certificate of Authenticity from World Art N Soul is included with every print which notes the Artist Number, Artwork Number, and Print Number ie Ibrahim El Tanbouli, Egypt = Artist # 6, Artwork # 1 (all Artwork for all the Artists is #1 currently) therefore 6/1 (as shown in 'Artwork Box') Print 51/1000 for example -please note: prints are sold in no chronological order
  • all the artwork is reproduced to the original size unless otherwise stated (printer limitations with larger sized artworks)
  • all prints are posted worldwide unframed sent in 'tube' form, postage costs are extra as noted
* What is a giclee - a giclee (pronounced zhee-CLAY) is a fine art digital print individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity, high-tech reproduction done on a special large format printer.  Giclees are produced from digital scans, or photographs, of existing artwork.

World Art n Soul brings together artists from developing countries, locally-based charities and art lovers from around the world.

We have selected artists who not only produce exquisite works of art but who have the same philosophy as World Art n Soul - a commitment to enhancing the human spirit, a belief in helping people to help themselves, and a desire to close the gap between the developed and the developing world. The charities we select also reflect this philosophy, and have been chosen because they give back to the community in which the artist lives.

World Art n Soul purchases the work from the artist and creates a limited run of 1000 high-quality prints using the Giclée print technique.

From each sale 5% is returned to the artist and 20% to the associated charity. The remaining proceeds go towards printing costs and marketing with the balance being reinvested to bring on more artists, charities and developing countries.

14 Artists and 14 Charities:
Artist: Ann Gollifer
Charity: Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust
Artist: Sokuntevy Oeur
Charity: Rose Charities Cambodia
Artist: Ibrahim El Tanbouli
Charity: The Little Stars of Luxor
Artist: Fekadu Amare
Charity: Artists for Charity
Artist: Mery Borah
Charity: Tamar: Freeset Global
Artist: Rahab Shine
Charity: Dream Children's Home
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Artist: Vu Nhu Hai
Charity: COPE
Artist: Nixon Malamulo
Charity: CEDE Foundation and CDOC CHIKONDI Disabilities & Orphan Care Centre
Artist: Charles Cham
Charity: Orangutan Foundation International
Artist: Surendra Pradhan
Charity: Nepal Youth Foundation
Artist: Afifi Mageid
Charity: The Children's Hope Association
Tanzania, United Republic Of
Artist: Yussuf Khamis Yussuf
Charity: The Baobab Home
Artist: Mulenga Chafilwa
Charity: Luangwa Child Development Agency
Artist: Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude
Charity: African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT)
We have selected these 14 initial charities because of the valuable work that they do. They are all recognised as charities that have high levels of integrity and support local communities. As World Art n Soul grows so will the number of charities and artists we are able to support.

Sian Gillanders

Sian Gillanders founded World Art n Soul because it combines two of her passions - art, particularly the works of emerging artists, and helping people to help themselves as well as helping others.

Sian has been a very successful award-winning kitchen designer for many years, with her own company, SG Design, based in Central Otago, New Zealand. After attending a Personal Foundation course she became aware that her personal goals and values were not being met by just running a successful design company.

Sian is committed and passionate about World Art n Soul and has put her design business on hold as well as investing all her savings to follow her dream. With World Art n Soul she has created an organisation that embraces art with a conscience - giving back to the artist and the artist's community by showcasing artists in developing countries and linking them with a recognised, authentic local charity. Plus World Art n Soul meets Sian's desire to offer art to all, by printing original artwork, keeping prices low whilst maintaining the highest printing standards.