The Children's Hope Association

The Children's Hope Association


Childrens Hope Association is a daily drop in centre in one of the outer and poorer suburbs or Khartoum, Sudan for street kid boys, who would otherwise have no safe haven or no where to go.

The centre is vital for their wellbeing and safety. It is used daily by up to 50 boys, with a total of 150 boys using the centre regularly.

There are 6 staff - the Chairman, the Manger, the cook - James mother (who feeds the boys two meals a day), two supervisors and James who lives there and basically oversees the whole everyday running and needs of the boys.  They currently have limited supplies and equipment - one television and minimal sport equipment so the centre is really a safe haven for the boys who would otherwise be only exposed to living on the street.

Sudan is facing a very difficult time and current funding for this charity has been very limited.  Only 50 of the 150 boys using the centre attend school regularly so it is the goal of World Art N Soul for all these boys, all 150, to be able to attend school which is an average cost of $500 US per year each.

We wish to be able to make a significant change to these boys lives through World Art N Soul's and YOUR contribution.
The Children's Hope Association
Nile Life
Nile Life Afifi Mageid artist #7/art #1 980mmW x 950mmH
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Currently this Charity does not have a website due to political reasons.  For more information please contact