Vu Nhu Hai

Vu Nhu Hai

Lao People's Democratic Republic

World Art n Soul is pleased to offer a limited run of 1000 prints of a work by Laotian artist Vu Nhu Hai, with 20% of the money from sales of this work going to the charity COPE.

Vunhuhai is a master in the lifelike portrayal of Budhist monks and common Lao people, capturing emotions like no other. He has a distinct realist style, characterized by his use of light and bright colored elements that contrast sharply with the darkened backgrounds.

Vunhuhai lives and works in Luang Prabang. He received his training at the Hanoi University of Fine Art, graduating in 1987. The following years the talented painter made his name in the Vietnamese and international art scenes. His paintings featured in exhibitions and collections in Switzerland, France, USA, Japan, Holland, Canada, Germany, Australia and other countries.

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A percentage of sales of this artwork go towards COPE