Rahab Shine

Rahab Shine


World Art n Soul is pleased to offer a limited run of 1000 prints of a work by Kenyan artist Rahab Shine, with 20% of the money from sales of this work going to Dream Children's Home.

I am a self-taught artist. It was in 1990, when I met Shine Tani, that my passion for art was sparked. Shine later became my husband, and together we set up Banana Hill Art Gallery.

I have been active in painting and have participated many group exhibitions both locally and internationally. Because of my love for art, I have always made an effort to spread the skills, and to make sure as many people as possible can enjoy either the creation-process or the end result of art.

I am based in Banana Hill and my work too is displayed at the Banana Hill Art Gallery, as well as at exhibitions in Kenya, and abroad.

For me, I try focus on a small variety of themes I am attracted to: women’s daily activities, for example. Busy women in busy environments makes for a combination of energies I like trying to grasp in paint.

More recently I have started focusing on the sea as well as urban scenes. Those are themes, which are attracting my eyes, and they have given my paintings a different look. I have advanced into issues of life in slums and the disasters that take place there during heavy rains.

My style is growing, I feel.

Recent Exhibitions:
2008: “Scapes of our Land”, Banana Hill Art Studio, Banana Hill Nairobi
2008: “ISK Art Show”, ISK, Nairobi
2008: “16 Years of Banana Hill Art Studio”, Banana Hill Nairobi
2009: “ISK Art Show”, ISK, Nairobi
2009: “17 Years of Banana Hill Art Studio”, Banana Hill Nairobi
2012: “20 Years Of Banana Hill Art Sudio”, Banana Hill Art Gallery Nairobi
2012: “Wanjiku”, Alliance Francaise, Nairobi
Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru Rahab Shine artist #14/art #1 1160mmW x 900mmH

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A percentage of sales of this artwork go towards Dream Children's Home