Afifi Mageid

Afifi Mageid


World Art n Soul is pleased to offer a limited run of 1000 prints of a work by Sudanese artist Afifi Mageid, with 20% of the money from sales of this work going to the charity The Children's Hope Association.

Afifi Mageid was born 5 February 1966 in Khartoum, Sudan.  He gained a Further Education Certificate for Painting Sec. (U.S.T.S.)

Afifi has held numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions both in Sudan and France, where he lived for a short time before returning to his homeland of Sudan.  He has also completed many workshops in his native Khartoum.

Afifi is a proud Sudanese and contributes much of his time and energy and a percentage of his personal sales for the benefit of local charities particularly for needy local children.  He is very community minded and family orientated and aware of the struggles that faces Sudan at this present time and therefore always ready and wanting to help. 

His art is always innovative, colourful and constantly changing.  He loves to include traditional female forms and figures along with historic symbolism showcased in bright colours and pattern. 

Afifi is a well known and respected Artist in Khartoum, Sudan - his birthplace.
Nile Life
Nile Life Afifi Mageid artist #7/art #1 980mmW x 950mmH

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A percentage of sales of this artwork go towards The Children's Hope Association