World Art n Soul:

We sell Limited Edition Art Prints to benefit charities world wide.
...Helping people to help themselves and help others...

Welcome to World Art N Soul

World Art n Soul produces limited high quality prints of original artwork from artists from developing and third world countries where a 20% contribution from the sale goes to a local recognised charity linked to each individual artist. Our focus is helping people to help themselves and also help others. We believe business can be used to empower people and cultures putting the wellbeing of people and planet ahead of profits as well as supporting a sustainable planet. Our charity 'values' based business structure supports local communities socially, economically and environmentally by engaging the global marketplace.

Art is one of the finest expressions of the human spirit and nurtures the soul of the artist, families and communities, as well as the purchaser. Our chosen artworks are fun, colourful and vibrant and the intention is to 'brighten peoples lives'.

World Art n Soul is promoting harmony, goodwill and economic links between communities and artists across the globe. It is our aim to continually grow and introduce new artists, countries and linked charities so more can benefit. The World Art n Soul logo signifies the cycle of life and also the need for 'the putting back'.